Successfully tackle your greatest challenges

Benefit from a bespoke, tailor made software solution

Every organisation we work with faces different challenges and they often aspire to different goals. pad group caters for this by combining cutting-edge software development with our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Customised software is proven to deliver significantly increased productivity and reduced daily workloads for organisations that use it in place of a generic, off-the-shelf package that is designed with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you are looking to integrate pad group with other systems, take payments online, undertake landlord surveys, or create new revenue streams, we can provide the solution you are looking for.

Bespoke Software

Enhance your organisation's public image

Take advantage of the latest in housing service provision

Leading Solution

Your clients' expectations are higher now than they were just 5 years ago. With an increase in always-on services and the wide adoption of self-service tools, clients expect your organisation to provide an accessible, timely service.

pad group enables you to deliver an up-to-date, online and user-friendly housing solution that can make instant improvements to your organisation's provision of service and overall reputation.

  • Present your organisation as highly user-oriented
  • Provide clients and staff with a 1st class solution
  • Enhance your organisation's overall public image

Unparalleled levels of flexibility, access and security

Experience the power of fully hosted, online software

Online software accessed over the internet is becoming increasingly popular within the public sector. This is largely thanks to the cost and time savings it presents, not to mention the unprecedented levels of flexibility and data security on offer.

Completely web based, pad group software requires no manual installation on your organisation's computers, and minimises the interruptions typically associated with updating software. Plus, all of your data is automatically backed up on highly secure servers.

  • Reduce costs and reliance on your organisation's IT
  • No requirement for lengthy updates or costly upgrades
  • Securely access your service any-time from anywhere
Cloud Software

Save time and money with improved workflows

Remove the complications from managing housing

Improved Workflows

Usability is a top priority when implementing our solutions. With years of experience and over 100 public sector organisations using pad group software each day, we have an in-depth understanding of how to design software that is quick to learn and enjoyable to use.  

By streamlining and automating many tasks, pad group not only saves your organisation time and money, but also provides your housing team, tenants and landlords with a positive user experience.

The impact of this is substantial and contributes to an overall rise in the standard of service delivery, increased staff satisfaction and retention, and improved tenant and landlord engagement.

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