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May 7, 2018

Efficient and Engaging Health & Safety Information - Meet Safety Shaun!

For all organisations involved in letting accommodation it is important to inform their tenants about health and safety issues. These cover a wide range of potential hazards, including for example accidents, home security and fire safety. Avoiding damage to the rented property (e.g. through damp) or understanding the details of tenancy contracts are also very important for a smooth letting process.

This especially important for student tenants but also other occupants of private rented sector housing or social housing benefit greatly from information about these issues to avoid problems and ensure a smooth letting process.

Thick manuals full of technical jargon or even plain information brochures and posters are not always the best choice when it comes to communicating regulations, advice and suggestions in an efficient and engaging way to different target audiences.

To tackle the problem head on, the Pad Group offers a series of animated information videos starring Safety Shaun. The videos are concise, entertaining, accessible and right to point - and thus offer an ideal medium to make tenants aware of different hazards and issues that may occur while looking for and/or renting a property.

Safety Shaun - Pad Group embassador for health and safety issues
Safety Shaun is the star of our health & safety videos

The Pad Group developed the videos in collaboration with with Blaby District Council in response to the overwhelming need to offer an engaging way of conveying key health and safety information and housing advice to customers and tenants.

A key message of the videos is responsibility. The light-hearted animations inform inform about serious issues by highlighting how easily tenants, in many of our client's cases students. can avoid problem through responsible and forward-thinking behaviour. This can help in reducing hazards and ensuring a safe renting experience for tenants. Furthermore, Safety Shaun's advice can also contribute to a more sustainable renting behaviour.

Example from a Safety Shaun video

Safety Shaun stars in 12 animated videos. Each clip focuses on another issues in the health & safety category. Despite their humorous tone, the videos convey important information, advice, and warn for potential hazards. The main goal is to explain clearly how tenants can avoid particular problem with specific hints and tips for proper action. The target audience can easily relate to the video's  format that comes in a distinct visual style that is accessible for local and e.g. international students.

The videos are available to lease and are branded with the university or council logo and relevant contact details. We offer different customisation options and you can also freely decide where to share your videos with your target audience.

We have over 30 customers using our Safety Shaun videos, which help to transform a student's housing experiences. Our 'viewings' video alone has potentially helped over 1,400 students.

For more information on Safety Shaun and how he can help your university or council, visit the Safety Shaun website. Safety Shaun also has his own social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

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